Blockchain and Publishing: Your Knowledge Is Worth Much More Than You Know…

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“The ability to own, control, and monetize one’s unique expression of knowledge
is a fundamental human right.”

Your knowledge is worth something. You may not think it is valuable, but a quality piece that reflects on years of experience is often a result of direct setbacks or hardships. These assimilated experiences, when documented and distributed, can influence another person’s entire life trajectory.

Wisdom shared can help another person overcome difficulties, prevent someone from making the same costly mistakes, and elucidate an unobvious solution. This creates value for the content consumer, who is actively looking for a solution to their circumstance, whatever that may be.

Individually, the impact of a piece of content may not seem meaningful, however, compounded and at scale that value is tremendous.

The written and recorded word is powerful enough to shape nations and inspire entire generations. If it wasn’t for the recorded word, wisdom and knowledge would be insurmountably difficult to obtain and pass along. Though consumers often feel they should not have to pay for content, publishers understand the tenacity, skill, and time needed to generate a quality piece, and they are willing to pay for it.‘s system is primarily focused on enabling publishers and syndicators to compensate creators on a permission basis to allow content to display on publisher platforms, and thus to their audience. This is often “for free,” but publications earn revenue either through subscriptions, advertising, or donations – often a combination of these monetization strategies. Publications must generate revenue to stay in business.

ContentMutual has the ability and desire to enable micro-tipping as well. Users with our browser add-on can see a special widget that will appear on syndicated pieces only if we detect the consumer is utilizing our browser tool (in production). If it is not present, the tipping widget will not display (or it may ask the user to sign up). This can enable the content creator to receive tips directly from their audiences on disparate platforms.

Consider People are tipping content curators and creators for sharing quality content within that network. Now imagine that same capability decentralized from one platform, free to exist on the open wide web, instead of siloed in one online community. Our off-chain patent-pending technology enables this.

Despite the aforementioned monetization models, content creators may be happy for their content to display freely on other platforms to generate social credit. However, ask any content creator and surely they will indicate that they would love to know where on the net their content is being republished as well as metrics to understand how their content is performing. We provide these insights.

We enable content creators to control where their content exists online, for how long, for how much (free as well!), and we also provide creators an analytics suite to gain real-time visibility metrics on how their content is being consumed.

Furthermore, copyright law stipulates that content can only be reprinted with permission. Technically, anyone that is publishing content without first obtaining permission from the copyright holder is breaking the law. Our platform streamlines the permission seeking and granting process through a series of smart contracts and our smart contract composer.

We put the control of one’s copyrighted works into the hands of the creator/owner. Remember, your knowledge is worth something. You should be able to control how that knowledge affects others by controlling where it is allowed to exist and persist. It is also your right to monetize it or not. That decision is yours, not someone else’s.

We believe the ability to monetize and effectively own one’s digital assets on the web is a human right. is currently in private beta and is invite only. If you would like an invitation, please reach out to me here. is a collaboration. Social Climax is a social impact think tank that utilizes blockchain technology to shape society.

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