Our Story

Social Climax is a creator network that focuses on social impact projects that have incredibly lasting endurance.

We are pioneers in Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), having created, with our intimately extensive network, smart contracts and protocols on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar blockchains.

Our Skills

  • User Experience

  • Creative Strategy

  • Execution

Our clients have been featured on TED, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and many notable Online media outlets. We work with professionals and thought leaders that are shaping culture: Artists, capital managers, dancers, doctors, entrepreneurs, gamblers, lawyers, professors, writers, ∞

We hold a fundamental belief that the future of DLTs need to be “Self-Amending,” as well as economically self-sufficient.

Furthermore, we believe that the future of DLTs will be shaped, molded, and shepherd by UX Experts and Philosophers, consistently pushing for the next generation.

If vetted into our Network, you will receive access to blockchain experts and developers from Silicon Valley, China, Korea, Eastern Europe, India. You will receive strategic financial backing. You will be introduced to your peers who are also, likewise, peering into what “infinite endurance” looks like.

You will be introduced to PhDs, college drop-outs, published writers, and authors that go by pseudonyms. You will experience mentorship, support, and very direct feedback.